Beginning to Understand the ‘Terror’ in Terrorist Attacks

I was sitting in a cafe just outside the major mall of Mombasa. I trekked out early in the morning to make the time difference and Facetime my family and friends at home. I ended up staying for a lot longer than I anticipated as I got carried away with conversations and those I was having with myself in my writing. I sat beside a window and throughout the day I noticed some changes. The guards were doing more than thorough security checks than when I first walked through this morning. Trunks of cars were being opened and the underbelly of cars were being searched . The pat downs on pedestrians and the metal detector use was different. It wasn’t the usual wave of their detector – hear a beep – and say ‘Asante’ as you walk through. No, now they were really checking what was beeping and what you were carrying. The only thought Continue reading


Goodbye Canada, Nimefurahi Kukuona Kenya

Photo Credit: GVI, David Petts

Photo Credit: GVI, David Petts

Tomorrow I will be flying off to Mombasa, Kenya to spend my summer teaching through Global Vision International. I am hoping to update my blog when I can or the end of August will see a flooding of postings from when I get back! So there may or may not be a hiatus of postings, that I will know as it happens. But for now I shall say “Goodbye” to Canada and “Nice to Meet You” to my new home for the next 60 days in Kenya!

To see an overview of the work I will be doing with GVI just follow the link! 🙂