Miss. Stahlstrom

Miss. Stahlstrom

I am currently a Teacher Teaching on Call for the Delta School District in BC, Canada. In the past I have worked as the Education Officer for Global Vision International in Mombasa, Kenya. Here I worked in partnership with two schools for disadvantaged children in the Bombolulu and Shauri Yako slums/villages.  I oversaw the education aspects of the projects: teacher training, resource/curriculum development, and assistance within the schools for local teachers and for our volunteers. I created a new Writing and Environmental Program as well as shifting Literacy Programs to better suit the changing schools. 

In Mombasa, Kenya as Education Officer for Global Vision International

In Mombasa, Kenya as Education Officer for Global Vision International

As a teacher I value wonder, inquiry, discovery and play. I am always the ‘trickster’ as my Practicum Gr. 4’s would call me. I love to play with my students and have them question! I present challenges in a way that are inclusive of everyone; it’s okay to get it wrong but it’s not okay not to try. We’re learning. Key word: WE!  Trying to find connections between one another, our ideas, our passions, our strengths, weakness – any and all of this (and more) helps us create a cohesive classroom with one common goal: learning.

I consistently model what it means to be a learner. To lose yourself in a book or to stop yourself and read out loud to the class because it was so amazing you just had to share it! To be enthusiastic about the world around you; to care. To engage in and value the learning process however messy it may be.

My past experience has volunteer work in Surrey Elementary and High Schools as well as tutoring adult learners at a rehabilitation centre in Surrey. I completed my first

In a grade one classroom in Xi'an, China where I taught in 2011

In a grade one classroom in Xi’an, China where I taught in 2011

practicum overseas in Xi’an, China where I was fully immersed in an ELL classroom in a foreign country. My international experiences have widened my scope of Education – it’s meanings and purposes – to have a more global view of schooling and the process of learning.

A simple way to summarize my professional interests that I want to shape my career around centre among three main themes: Education, Empowerment and Social Justice. Among those, my current Education interests include: inquiry based learning, engaging the curious and passionate learner, incorporating technology, ‘greening’ classroom spaces, building class-school wide community and all the things that make “all the difference.”

As for my personal life, I value my  friendships and family above all but tying in at a close second: Battlestar Galactica, Tolkien, coffee and a really, really good quotation.


Contact Information:

twitter @teachermonika
pinterest – teachermonika


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