Six Weeks Turns Into Six Months

I was pulled away on a Thursday afternoon to have a chat with the project manager. Not really sure what it would be about I went in without any expectations. After a short while I realized what was happening and was beginning to feel hopeful. “Monika, we love what you have done here and the work you’ve been putting in with resources and how to change the programs.  I know that you are going on Safari this weekend – take your time and travel if you like – but instead of flying home after that, we’d like you to stay here as the Education Officer for our project.” Before she finished asking, my heart had already said yes.

To not have to leave a place I wasn’t ready to say ‘goodbye’ to… how could I say no? I even tried to toy with the idea of saying no but it was impossible. Whatever obstacle that was in my way, financial or otherwise, I would simply move it in order to make this happen. And so that’s exactly what I did. Went with my gut, took the leap and accepted the job.

The amount of relief that swept through me once we sealed the deal was immense. I felt at ease knowing that I could keep Mombasa as my home even just for a little while longer. I realized then that a couple of the dreams I had for myself were coming true and all at once. I had dreamed of teaching during the year and travelling in the summer – check. Another dream of mine is to do development work in education abroad. Now? Check. I always thought that would be so far off in my future that I wouldn’t be able to think of considering it – but here I am signing up to do just that.

Life has a way of working itself out. If my original plan went through I would have been here in 2011 and gone home to sign up for a teaching program. Instead I entered my teaching program early and postponed this adventure. Because things were shifted, I was able to get this position. If I didn’t take a chance on an opportunity early, I wouldn’t be here with the good fortune I have now.  With a Teaching Certificate, experience, and putting myself in the right place at the right time – I get to be here living out my dreams. Life could not have worked out more perfectly than it did that day and I am floored at the opportunity and can’t wait to start.

Skipping during break time at Nyota with the girls.

Skipping during break time at Nyota with the girls.


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